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Men in Black International

Surely one of the most creatively bankrupt sequels in recent memory, MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL limps along with predictable effects, some charming actors and virtually no reason to exist.

Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers, Thor) is his effortlessly charming self as Agent H, wonder boy of the Men In Black, still protecting the Earth from the constant influx of bad creatures from across the cosmos.

His Agent H is funny, dashing and a bit of a dimwit.

Tessa Thompson is given an interesting hint of a backstory, witnessing the MIB resetting her parents memory as a young girl. That incident sets her off on a lifelong quest to become an agent.

Emma Thompson brings levity and gravitas as the head of the agency and Liam Neeson seems half engaged as Agent High T, the senior agent with history and power to spare.

The story line involves a mole in the agency, a group of super bad dudes wanting to destroy the planet, yada yada yada.

The effects are good, but there is NOTHING new here that wasn't done equally well or better in the original film series.

Kumail Nanjiani adds the most fun to the film as tiny good guy Pawny, but even his character seems underwritten.

By the midway point, I couldn't care less what happened to any of these characters and just sat waiting for an action sequence to hold my attention.

Barry Sonnefeld is badly missed in the writing and directing chairs as this poorly received, box office bomb lumbers toward a predictable finale.

This series has definitely suffered from a near constant decline since the original charmed moviegoers all the way back in 1997.

Let's hope enough is enough.

This MIB is DOA and gets a D.

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