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This is the first Lars Von Trier film I've seen and I have to say it's made me want to see more. To say this movie is slow and depressing is an understatement, but like "The Tree of Life" last month, it is hypnotic and interesting too. Kirsten Dunst is amazing here and Charlotte Rampling, Alexander Skarsgard, John Hurt and Keifer Sutherland are all great as well. (For those of us that loved Keifer as Jack Bauer on 24 but felt he was pretty one note, this performance is all the more amazing.) Take one part a very depressed young woman's wedding day and one part the potential impending end of the earth, shake it up with some beautiful images, a dash of science fiction and the powerful music of Wagner..and this is what you get. I give it an A, but would probably only recommend it to my fellow patient, open-to-anything film watchers. It's not an easy road, but WHAT A ROAD!

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