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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

If you love New York City as much as Tamara and Jess and I do, Woody Allen's "Manhattan " really hits home as a hilarious, heartfelt classic that really captures the city.

Allen stars ( in one of his best acted roles) as sitcom writer Issac, unfulfilled in his job and aspiring for greater things in both love and work.

In a foretelling of his later real-life relationship with his much younger Soon Yi, writer Issac is dating 17 year old Tracy, really well played by Mariel Hemingway in her first screen role. He knows the relationship is temporary, but Tracy thinks it's love.

Issac's best married friend Yale (Michael Murphy) is having an affair with opinionated, polarizing Mary (Diane Keaton, excellent!).

Allen and Keaton's interplay when they first meet is hilarious. Watch Allen's reactions as Keaton proceeds to say all the artists and actors she hates, all of whom Allen loves. It's brilliant comedy, well written and perfectly executed.

There are so many classic lines in Manhattan, along with great performances including Meryl Streep as Allen's ex, now in a gay relationship. As Allen discusses his son being raised by two Moms and Keaton says there is nothing wrong, Allen retorts with "Most people barely survive being raised by one mother, I can't imaging two being good for you." many hilarious moments.

Filmed in stunning black and white by the brilliant Gordon Willis and set to the classic music of George Gershwin, this is a funny, touching, dramatic, beautiful film that damn near makes my Top 100.

For me, even better than Annie Hall and an all-time great. A perfect, capital A.

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