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Mad Max

1979's MAD MAX was Mel Gibson's first big hit and Director George Miller's action loaded career kickoff to American audiences. Back in '79, this seems like some revelatory blast of fast sweep edits, high energy super violence and mayhem that overwhelmed me, and I loved it. Watching it in 2012, the things that cast the biggest spell were the over-the-top performances, one of the worst music scores of all time by Brian May & on the positive side, just how much Miller was able to do with a million dollar budget. Gibson is the best thing in the film and definitely on a different plane than his co-stars. The last 20 minutes still packs a decent action punch, but the film that seemed so MAD in 79 now just comes off as manic, sadistic fluff anchored by some great opening and closing action sequences. MAX would really come into his own two years later with "The Road Warrior". This first adventure maxes out at a C.

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