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Lost in Space

Yet another great childhood show turned into a horrible movie. If you grow up in the sixties, you probably have plenty of memories of hurrying home from school to watch repeats of Lost In Space. It was fun, occasionally had a good creature of the week and it was fun to root for the Robinson family in their quest to get home.

So what is this?

LOST IN SPACE is a tone deaf full-length movie version with some of the worst casting in history. William Hurt, who I like but I wouldn't call "fun" leads as John Robinson, Mimi Rogers is a modern take on mom Maureen and Heather Thomas is lost indeed as daughter Judy.

Jack Johnson and Jared Harris BOTH play Will Robinson in a confusing and shoulder shrugging plot development.

Matt LeBlanc at least seems to be having fun as cocky pilot Don West, but Gary Oldman is completely wasted as Dr. Smith in a thankless, poorly written role.

The story is crap, it goes on forever and Lacey Chabert is more annoying than Jerry Lewis as daughter Penny, whose sidekick is the worst computer animated character since Jar Jar Binks.

Joyless, painful and boring, this movie should have stayed lost in development. Danger, Danger Will Robinson, this gets an F!

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