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A fascinating, interesting and smart journey about time travel, LOOPER is a fast paced and thoughtful thriller. In 2074, the mob takes care of their enemies be sending them back in time to a cane field, where a hitman or "looper" is waiting for them with gun drawn to execute them. Body disposed of in the past, no traces, no evidence, nice and clean. Things begin to get tricky when Joe (well played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) sees his future self (played by Bruce Willis) appear before him, ready for execution.

From that point on, it's one clever chase film that loops back into itself on several levels, enlightening parts of the story from different angles without boring the viewer by repeating anything except the linking moments. It's complicated, its fast and it's fun. Add Emily Blunt as a farm woman with a mysterious son who has some interesting abilities and you've got a real thriller. New writer/director Rian Johnson comes to this film off a couple Breaking Bad episodes as director and some minor independent films and makes himself a talent to watch. Makeup artists have altered Gordon-Levitt's face to look more like Willis and their scenes together really pop, it's spooky to see them together. Builds to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. Looper spins an A-.

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