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Limping onto the screen much too late to capitalize on the "Star Wars" craze and wasting an incredible amount of talent and money, 1984's KRULL is a huge budget misfire that lost over $40 million at the box office.

Director Peter Yates is a talented guy (The Deep, Bullitt, Breaking Away) but he's lost here, plodding through the complicated back story and explanation of worlds and universes that are so boring we couldn't care less.

Ken Marshall is perhaps one of the most dull leads ever cast in a big budget sci-fi film and his career went nowhere after his snooze worthy portrayal of a prince more suited to Monty Python's Holy Grail than anything here.

He's matched in dim wattage by the female lead Lysette Anthony who also went nowhere after this tanked.

Look quickly for Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane, who show some star power long before their big breaks. Of course, you'll need to look quick to find them among the cyclops, giant spiders and unending swamps, and flying horses and old witches and.........zzzzzzzzzz.

A mash up of the King Arthur Legend, Star Wars and Tolkien, it somehow manages to have virtually none of the charm of any of its influences.

About fifteen minutes in, knights on horseback with swords are battling creatures with laser weapons. Pick an era people, this is just stupid.

The special effects stink too.

Let's see...something positive....

Nice music score by James Horner that he created between "Star Trek II" and "Brainstorm". The guy is good and prolific for Sci-Fi fans.

KRULL is KRAP and gets an F.

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