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Kingsman: The Secrt Service

Part OO7, part comedy, part Sc-fi and ALL fun, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE is an action filled enjoyable romp from start to finish.

The top secret spy agency operates with an unlimited budget as they protect the world from bag guys.

With a generous layer of fun self awareness, the staunch, formal and suave group are looking for a new recruit to fill an open spot when one of their own falls.

Enter Eggsy, a tough street kid in a bad spot, spotted with plenty of raw talent by agent Harry Hart, played to perfection by Colin Firth.

Harry sponsors Eggsy into the training program to become a Kingsman, where all the recruits face life and death challenges and only one emerges as the new Kingman.

Meanwhile, media billionaire Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson in an eccentric, damned funny performance) is developing a plan to cull the planet's population with a dangerous signal he will broadcast worldwide over his vast cell network.

Like a lisping, streetwise, insane combination of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Valentine has a beautiful and dangerous bodyguard named Gazelle, whose legs are razor sharp blades that give her deadly speed.

As our Kingsmen and Valentine's plans merge on a global scale, the film is off for non-stop, globe trotting spy adventure that keeps you laughing and on the edge of your seat.

Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Mark Hamill are terrific and newcomer Taron Egerton is perfect as Eggsy, creating a character you'll root for through the very last scene.

The film is incredibly violent but less bloody than you'd expect, laced with profanity and style in equal measures and so well crafted by Matthew Vaughn (XMEN:First Class, Layer Cake) that it flies by far more quickly than its 130 minute running time.

While based on the comic book "The Secret Service" it definitely is NOT for the kids.

Imagine if Quentin Tarantino had full control over a James Bond film. That's KINGSMAN.

It's full tilt, over the top adult fun that left us shaken, stirred, laughing and thrilled. This is a rare occasion I am HOPING for a sequel.

Love this. These well tailored, dangerous lads get an A.

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