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Joy Ride

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Filthy, hilarious and unpredictable, JOY RIDE makes "Bridesmaids" look like a family-friendly romp.

Grammy and Tony nominated actress Ashley Park is Audrey, a successful young lawyer whose climbed the ladder having to tolerate her boss Frank (the reliably funny Timothy Simons from HBO's "Veep").

She's heading to China to close the biggest deal of her career, but doesn't speak quite as much Mandarin as she's let on, so she brings her rowdy lifelong best friend Lolo along as an interpreter.

Comedian Sherry Cola steals the film as Lolo in a supporting performance that's every bit as great as Melissa McCarthy's breakout role in "Bridesmaids". Lolo beats to her own drum, specializing in highly sexualized artwork, including the most anatomically graphic children's playground every conceived.

Lolo's cousin Deadeye (the fantastic Sabrina Wu) is an expressionless third wheel, registering the same expression in the face of any circumstance. Wu slays the role, wordlessly delivering huge laughs.

The fourth member of their friendship quartet is famous Chinese TV soap actress Kat, played by Stephanie Hsu from "Everything Everywhere All at Once". Kat was the most promiscuous member of their college group, but now she's carved out an image as a virginal and celibate actress engaged to her hunky co-star. Watching her friends react to her new image is just one moment of hilarity in this fast paced adventure.

Can Audrey close her business deal?

Will she connect with her birth mother while in China?

What the film gets SO right is its brash, unapologetic in-your-face, sexually explicit tone. If the boys had "The Hangover", the ladies have "Joy Ride" and it's every bit as funny.

You wont believe the international adventures these four get into, and I won't ruin any of them here. Suffice to say these four women are incredibly resourceful, in charge and blazing a trail.

I laughed so often and so hard that I was shocked just how terrific a dramatic moment near the end works between Dae (Daniel Dae Kim from "Lost") and Audrey. It shouldn't play as well as it does in the middle of this much laughter, but it's somehow perfect. Friendships, identity and a sense of belonging are well referenced.

Director Adele LIm was one of the writers of "Crazy Rich Asians" and partnering with screenplay writer Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, who has produced over 200 episodes of "Family Guy", they've created a very nasty and very funny tale. Imagine "Family Guy" with no censors, some of the funniest and most graphic sex scenes since "Team America" and enough f-bombs to level Scorsese's gangsters.

I laughed my ass off. If you're easily offended, RUN away from this movie.

Known as "The Joy F*ck Club" during production, it's a wild romp not to be missed.

If you aren't puritanical and love adult laughs, jump aboard for this JOY RIDE.

As soon as I stop laughing, I'll give it an A.

The in-your-face, R-rated Red Band Trailer here gives you a feel for the fun. If you're easily offended, do NOT click below. For the rest of us, DO enjoy!

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