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John Carter

I really wanted to like JOHN CARTER and went in with an open mind to enjoy it. Whew, what a mess. Some suggestions for the movie makers involved: a) try to write a screenplay first. $200 million worth of digital effects on a crap story, is still a crap story. b) hire a leading actor with some sort of stage presence. Between this and last month's "Battleship" I think Taylor Kitsch is soon heading to independent films and a series on the CW c) design creatures that have distinctive characteristics so you can tell them apart d) if you are going to hire actors like Willem Dafoe, Ciaran Hinds and Dominic West, give them something to do! e) hire an editor. 2 hours and 12 minutes? It seemed like 3 and a half hours. Boring. f) oh wait, that's the grade for this Bomb from Barsoom: a rare F.

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