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Back in 2002, before his brilliant Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, director Christopher Nolan delivered the superb crime thriller, INSOMNIA.

Al Pacino stars as Detective Will Dormer, who arrives with his LA partner Hap (Martin Donovan) in Alaska to investigate a brutal murder of a 17 year old girl.

Hillary Swank is young policewoman, Elle, a huge fan of Dormer's famous cases, very anxious to assist him solve the case.

Dormer and Hap are not only in Alaska to help a former police friend, they are also escaping the high pressure of an Internal Affairs case that is about the break open not only the department, but their close friendship.

When Robin Williams enters the film as an author who was a mentor and friend to the murdered girl, Insomnia begins to take many turns into different layers that all weave together into a suspenseful, tense mystery.

With each passing day, Pacino's lack of sleep drives him deeper into flashes of light and sound that director Nolan merges into the story with immense style.

I am not a fan of the manic Robin Williams but he is very good here and matches a terrific Pacino performance step for step.

Beautiful photography and a haunting music score by David Julyan.

If you've seen Inception, Memento or the Dark Knight Batman trilogy and enjoyed them, don't miss this.

Insomnia kept me wide awake and on the edge of my seat and earns an A.

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