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In the Line of Fire

1993's IN THE LINE OF FIRE was one of the best thrillers of the 90's, with Clint Eastwood in fine form as aging Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan.

Haunted by the fact that he couldn't save JFK as a young agent in the early 60's, Frank sees a chance for redemption when a calculating assassin draws him into a plot against the current President.

Eastwood brings humor, old school grumpy attitude and more than a tinge of Harry Callihan to his role as Horrigan, but slowly shows there's a lot more under the steel surface than you'd ever see of Dirty Harry. In fact, Horrigan and Dirty Harry turn out to be very different people.

John Malkovich (Dangerous Liaisons) is excellent as Mitch Leary, an intelligent, lethally unhinged former CIA agent with a fondness for Frank's history and a complicated path to the President.

Rene Russo (The Thomas Crown Affair, Tin Cup) is terrific as fellow agent Lilly Raines, at first offended by Frank's old school views but appreciative of the man beneath them.

Director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, AIr Force One) knows how to create a fast moving action thriller with fleshed out characters down to the smallest roles.

Dylan McDermott, Gary Cole, Fred Dalton Thompson and John Mahoney are all strong, bringing unexpected humor and depth to supporting roles.

Like 1973's "The Day of the Jackal", half the fun is watching Mitch's plot slowly unfold while Frank trails him throughout, playing a clever game of cat and mouse. The finale at a major Washington DC campaign event doesn't disappoint.

This was the first movie that the Secret Service offered its complete support to during filming and it pays off with great realism.

Eastwood was hot off of "Unforgiven" the year before and this film solidified his return to box office form after a string of low grossing films.

It's a great movie, just as enjoyable today as it was more than 25 years ago in theatres. IN THE LINE OF FIRE gets a perfectly aimed A.

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