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If/Then (Broadway)

IF you have any doubts about Idina Menzel's status as a modern superstar of the stage, THEN check out the superb play IF/THEN. It's now touring the country with its original Broadway Cast for the first seven cities.

Idina plays Elizabeth, a newly 40 year old woman who moves back to New York City and is faced with life changing choices.

The clever part of this modern musical is that you follow Elizabeth on two different paths, watching her life continue down one trail, while bouncing back and forth to her life if she had followed a different choice.

From the composers of the BRILLIANT Broadway musical "Next to Normal", Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt, IF/THEN weaves an enjoyable, powerful story with many humorous moments and some truly moving scenes as well.

Tamara and I saw it on Broadway less than a year after losing Kristin, and it really touched us as it presents the unexpected twists and turns of life and death and its impact on those you love.

Idina is fantastic. She has worked on the play since it's inception through its Broadway run and now on tour, and her command of the character and the music is first rate.

Anthony Rapp (RENT) plays Elizabeth's close friend from college with great style and fun, LaChanze plays friend and Kindergarten teacher Kate and James Snyder is terrific as Josh, an army surgeon that falls in love with Elizabeth.

As these characters circle each other in two different lives, they intertwine and offer a powerful example of life's choices and the way they change you today and for the rest of your life.

"What If?", "Some Other Me" and "Always Starting Over" are great songs and "You Learn To Live Without" is Menzel at her best.

This is an adult, smart, powerful story, well told by a great cast and towering above it all, Idina Menzel.

A terrific night at the theatre that gets an A.

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