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Ice Station Zebra

One of my all time favorite cold war movies (and this one puts the COLD in cold war!) ICE STATION ZEBRA is a 1968 classic.

Rock Hudson is at his best as the commander of US Nuclear Sub Tigerfish, sent on a mission to recover a Russian satellite that has fallen from the sky into the frozen Arctic landscape.

Civilian weather station Ice Station Zebra becomes the target for USSR and American forces, with the Tigerfish approaching under hundreds of miles of ice.

Patrick McGoohan is fast talking, uber wily English Spy David Jones, Ernest Borgnine is Jones' Russian counterpart now working with the US and Jim Brown has his best film role as Capt Anders, leader of the troops onboard.

Of course, anyone of them is liable to be a well planted mole working for the Russians and you won't know who until the final 15 minutes.

The special effects from 1968 are surprisingly good, especially the long underwater sequences as the sub navigates the tunnels of massive undersea glaciers.

This was Howard Hughes favorite film of all time and pre-VCR days, he actually bought a TV station and had it show Zebra 24 hours a day so he could watch it anytime he wanted!

I remember seeing it in a Cinerama double-feature with 2001: A Space Odyssey back in 1969 and at 8 years old, it was big screen nirvana.

Still a personal fave and a sixties war classic like "The Great Escape" or "Guns of Navarone" that I love to watch every couple years.

Great cast, great story, well told. An icy, old school, brilliant A+.

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