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Just after the huge success of NORTH BY NORTHWEST, Alfred Hitchcock finds himself hungry to get back to a risky, creative mindset.

Deciding that his next project is PSYCHO, based on the murders committed by Ed Gein, Hitch finds himself at odds with his studio, his wife the censors and the press.

The great, eccentric director mortgages his home to finance the film himself. HITCHCOCK details the behind the scenes drama around production of the controversial, ground breaking movie.

Anthony Hopkins is good as Hitchcock, never fully committing to an impression, but capturing his look, his dark humor and his sadness.

Helen Mirren is terrific as his wife Alma, who provides enormous creative input and support while putting up with his constant habits of falling in love & lust with his beautiful leading ladies.

Scarlett Johanssen is very good as Psycho lead Janet Leigh and Jessica Biel is also good as Vera Miles, who Hitch is furious at for getting pregnant while he was grooming her for a starring role in Vertigo. She is not happy about living up to the last picture of her deal with Paramount by appearing in Psycho.

The behind the scenes recreations of the filming are great for Hitchcock fans and James D'Arcy gets special props for a great portrayal of Anthony Perkins in his Norman Bates role.

The film is a lot more flattering toward Hitch than the previous 2102 HBO biography "The Girl in Red" but doesn't hesitate to paint the director in all his eccentricities.

Mirren and Hopkins scenes together are worth the price of admission.

Director Sacha Gervasi makes some interesting choices in weaving in scenes between Hitchcock and his Psycho muse, killer Ed Gein, but at times they seem more of a distraction than an asset.

Strong cast, well made, film heaven for Hitchcock fans.

We'll give Hitch a B.

Good evening..........

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