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1990's HAVANA is an under-rated gem. Director Sydney Pollack (Tootsie, Out of Africa) teamed up again with his "Three Days of the Condor" star Robert Redford for this look at a romance in the middle of the 1958 Cuban revolution. Redford plays professional gambler Jack Weil, an American who spends much of his time in Havana leading high stakes poker games. A successful, adventurous loner, Redford is suddenly faced with Castro's revolution and meeting a mysterious woman with all the wrong connections to the rebels. It's easy to forget what a huge movie star Redford was for 30 years, but Havana will remind you. He OWNS this movie and I think he's great in it. Lena Olin is good, if a little bland as the love interest and Raul Julia as her husband went unbilled in the movie over a dispute. Since he couldn't be given equal billing with Redford, he demanded his name be taken off the film. A shame, since he is terrific. Havana was a gamble that didn't pay off at the time, costing over $60 million to make and earning just $9 million at the box office. It's definitely got it's rewards though. A little slow in its last third before picking back up for the conclusion, but a very good, little seen film that in it's best moments, reminded me of "Goodfellas". I'll bet you enjoy it! B

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