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Hannah and Her Sisters

In 1986, Woody Allen completed his brilliant New York trilogy that he began with Annie Hall and Manhattan by delivering HANNAH AND HER SISTERS.

While its core is the familiar one you might expect, with Woody playing his NYC neurotic, nebbish character to perfection as he questions the meaning of life, the world around the familiar is filled with powerful stories.

Woody is the ex husband of successful actress Hannah (Mia Farrow) who is now married to Elliott (Michael Caine in an Academy Award winning performance).

Elliott has fallen in love with Hannah's sister Lee (Barbara Hershey) who is in a relationship with anti-social, reclusive artist Frederick (Max Von Sydow).

Circling these couples is Hannah's other sister Holly (Dianne Weist in the film's second Academy Award winning role) who is a rudderless, coke sniffing, entitled mess.

When Holly decides to go on a date with Hannah's ex Mickey (Allen) it's one of the funniest parts of the film and an all time bad date.

Terrific actors like Carrie Fisher, Sam Waterston, Maureen O'Sullivan, Lloyd Nolan, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Daniel Stern circle these characters and bring plenty of laughs and drama to the film.

HANNAH is one of Woody's most positive, heartfelt movies and the journey all these characters take between several Thanksgiving holidays is perfectly written in Allen's Academy Award winning screenplay.

Terrific film, excellent ensemble cast and a solid A.

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