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The year after JAWS hit the theatres, the question of whether a bear craps in the woods was answered with the undeniable cinematic turd, GRIZZLY.

The producers denied that it was a Jaws ripoff, insisting that they had actually written the film before Jaws. Hmmmm.....

Christopher George stars in the Sheriff Brody role as "The Sheriff" who wants to close the campgrounds even though the Mayor, oops I mean the Owner of the campgrounds insist it stays open.

SO, the sheriff teams with two wacky guys named Quint and Hooper, oh no wait, I mean Richard Jaeckel as a naturalist and Andrew Prine as a helicopter pilot to track down the 18 foot grizzly terrorizing the campgrounds.

The bear attacks aren't scary, they're hilarious in their ineptitude. By the time the bear attacks a 4 year old little boy named Charlie and rips his leg off before killing Charlie's mom with a couple bites, the filmmakers are starting to seem kind of desperate for thrills.

Unintentionally funny, horribly acted by everyone but George & Jaeckel, this goofball 1976 thriller was a HUGE box office hit and I vividly remember seeing it as a 15 year old.

I remember thinking it was pretty bad then, and now its just plain goofy, boring and cheap.

Watch for Andrew Prine to "ad-lib" a story meant to mimic the famous "Indianapolis" speech by Robert Shaw in Jaws. By the time he finishes telling his story about the bears ripping the Indians apart, you are waiting for a good ending or some closure to make it a good story. Like Grizzly, the tale just sits there like a massive bear crap........that earns a goofy D.

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