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Updated: May 25, 2023

Action-packed, laugh-filled and well led by Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, GHOSTED is a fun if predictable diversion.

Evans is Cole, a farmer who seems to fall in love at the drop of a hat. When he meets Sadie (de Armas) at a Washington DC Farmers Market, she sweeps him off his feet.

He tells his friends and family that he's madly in love, but after a torrid 24 hours, she never returns his calls.

In an impulsive gesture, he heads to London to catch up with her, but the story turns on its head when he's kidnapped, drugged and about to be tortured. Everyone thinks he's a famous international hitman.

At the last possible moment, Sadie bursts in guns-a-blazing and save's Cole from certain death.

de Armis is excellent as Sadie, showing the same bad-ass action hero style she did as Paloma in "No Time to Die". She was the best part of that misguided OO7 adventure and she's just as sure here, offering up a lethal agent that's as good with her feet. hands and wits as she is a weapon.

Evans is hilarious as Cole, dragging his suitcase everywhere as he tries to escape until its blown to bits. He always seems just as pissed off at Sadie for lying about what she did for a living as he does at the countless and never ending bad guys trying to kill them.

And what a cast of bad guys! Adrien Brody (King Kong) is Leveque, Mike Moh (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) and more than a few Avengers hilariously show up to take out our couple on the run. I won't be ruining any surprise cameos here, but they come fast & furious as a favor to their Captain America co-star.

"Deadpool" writers Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick bring the same off the wall sense of humor and rapid fire laughs to GHOSTED, filling every corner with funny throwaway characters and an occasional moment of heart.

Most of the heart comes from Tate Donovan (Memphis Belle) and Amy Sedaris (Elf) perfectly cast as Cole's Mom and Dad.

Director Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman, The Offer) keeps everything flying and the action scenes are first-rate, including a Mad Max style car/bus chase and a spectacular conclusion atop a spinning restaurant very high above the city.

Globe-hopping with Evans and de Armis for a little less than two hours is sheer popcorn fun, and a large Apple TV+ budget pays off with a great looking thriller that never kept us guessing, but always kept us entertained and laughing.

GHOSTED gets an enjoyable B.

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