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Ghost Story

1981's GHOST STORY is surprisingly graphic, features a cast of legendary movie stars, but ultimately is not very scary, inspiring more yawns that yelps.

Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, John Houseman and Douglas Fairbanks Jr have been friends since college, forming a group known as the Chowder Society.

For 50 years, they have kept a very dark secret buried. After one of their sons is killed in a bizarre incident that appears to be murder, they realize that the ghost of that long kept secret is done being silent.

The film pops back and forth with flashbacks to their college days and the present and the casting of young actors to match these legends is pretty good, especially Fairbanks young counterpart.

Alice Krige is creepy and eteheral as Eva/Alma and is the best thing in the film.

There is a surprising early 80's frankness to both the sex and the nudity in the film that surprised me, I think the world has gotten more puritanical in the 30 years since.

The film is pretty slow, I can't figure out how Craig Wasson ever got big parts in movies during this decade, he's just horrible, but Astaire, Douglas, Fairbanks and Houseman give it a lot of effort and bring class to the party.

It's too slow and silly to be great.

When I am struggling to stay awake in the big final ten minute conclusion, you might have lost my interest....

Ghost Story only manages to scare up a C.

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