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Haven't I seen this movie before?

Like a perfect storm of celluloid schlock, GEOSTORM combines a silly story, a baffled cast and $120 million in special effects into a routine, disjointed mess that's boosted by a couple good grand scale disaster scenes.

Gerard Butler, who can be great when he's give a strong action character to play (Olympus Has Fallen) flounders playing a grouchy scientist that cant get along with anybody.

That includes his brother played by Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) who is a fellow scientist with better manners. Together, they've created a network of satellites that encircle the Earth, controlling the weather......oh who cares.

The plot is so dumb that any explanation is meaningless. Suffice to say that our machines in space have turned against us at the hands of a bad guy in the government. Oh no!


Andy Garcia and Ed Harris are wasted in stereotypical roles that a teenager could have written in ten minutes.

In one scene, half of Hong Kong is virtually destroyed, with massive skyscrapers falling into a molten earth and its followed by characters in the US acting like someone had a gas leak.

Whether its sloppy editing or poor writing, it's tone deaf. That's followed by airplanes falling out of the sky, massive tidal waves, flash freezing and sudden boiling across the globe.

GEOSTORM is basically a greatest hits of other disaster films that executed every piece of the puzzle more effectively and better than this rehash.

Didn't we see this movie when it was called "The Day After Tomorrow", or "Die Another Day" or "Independence Day" or "Sharknado" or just fill in the blank here.....

GEOSTORM is a perfect storm of cliche, crap and stupidity that gets a D.

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