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Frozen II

Six years after the original mega-blockbuster Frozen hit theatres, Disney achieves the near impossible, delivering a enjoyable sequel that stands toe-to-toe with the original.

Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel are back as sisters Anna and Elsa, now comfortably ruling their kingdom with plenty of reliable comic relief from snowman Olaf (Josh Gad firing on ALL cylinders), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his trusty sidekick Sven.

When the historical past of Arandelle rises up from the mist shrouded, permanently Autumn enchanted forest, the group must face the past to save the kingdom.

It's all set up intriguingly for adults and clearly for the kids, my 5 year old Grandson never moved in his seat.

I hear the usual online trolls complaining "oh boy, more big ballads for Menzel and goofy songs for Gad, so predicatble..." Well what would you have them do, turn the sequel into a mob drama?

The Oscar winning song team from the original, Robert Lopez (The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, Frozen) and Kristin Anderson Lopez create all new songs that are just as funny and powerful as the original score.

Menzel's delivery of "Into the Unknown" and 'Show Yourself" equal her "Gravity" moments from anyone that saw her in "Wicked" on Broadway, she's a powerhouse.

Bell is terrific as well, her "The Next Right Thing" is a shockingly adult take on loss and grief that will hit anyone right in the chest whose lost a loved one unexpectedly. It took me back to the days right after we lost Kristin, capturing loss in a way that's kind of brilliant for a family film. Songwriting at its best.

Groff's "Lost In The Woods" done like an 80's big hair band music video is hilarious.

The genius of Disney is that they continue to deliver films like "Coco" and "Frozen" that appeal to kids, while offering challenging lyrics that play far more to the grown ups in the audience.

It's not all drama, there are plenty of laugh out loud moments too, thanks to Josh Gad nailing every throw away line to perfection.

There are even some funny meta references on Menzel being just as sick of hearing "Let It Go" as the rest of us.

Nice undercurrents detailing that each of our imperfections make us individuals run throughout. It's not heavy handed, but well delivered.

Jonah and I both had a great time. It's perfect family fun for the holidays that, like "Up" and "Coco" will make you laugh, while sneaking up and grabbing your heart as well.

FROZEN II gets an A.

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