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Fright Night

A big box office hit in 1985 and still plenty of fun today, FRIGHT NIGHT is an old style special effects blast with a couple of terrific performances.

Teenager Charley Brewster (a very low wattage William Ragsdale) lives with his Mom, spending most of his time watching horror films on TV with his girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse from "Married With Children").

When a mysterious new neighbor moves in next door, Charley immediately begins to suspect him to be a murdering vampire. The neighbor, Jerry Dandridge is played with great style and menace by Chris Sarandon, clearly having a whole lot of fun playing the bad guy.

When the evidence becomes overwhelming that he is indeed a member of the undead, Charley seeks out the local horror movie TV host Peter Vincent to assist him in killing Dandridge.

Lucky for us, Vincent is played by Roddy McDowell, milking every bit of comedy, fun and suspense out of the self doubting vampire killer/schlocky TV emcee.

The special effects by Richard Edlund (the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films) are old-school terrific and "Poltergeist" era enjoyable.

Writer/Director Tom Holland (Child's Play, Thinner) knows how to create enjoyable comedy/horror. Combine that fact with McDowell and Sarandon chewing assorted necks and the scenery and you have this is a bloody blast from the past.

We'll sink our teeth into a B for Fright Night.

Followed by a sequel with McDowell & Ragsdale in 1988 and a remake starring Colin Farrell in 2011.

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