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1972's FRENZY is a terrific Hitchcock classic. Writer Anthony Shaffer (awesome screenplay) and Hitch team up to spin the tale of the Necktie Murderer, a sadistic rapist and sexual predator preying on London in 1971. Bartender Richard Blaney has a very bad run of luck and finds himself accused of the murders with a mountain of evidence against him. Jon Finch is very good as Blaney, Barry Foster is excellent as his friend Bob Rusk and Alec McCowen is a lot of fun as the chief inspector on the case whose worse problem might be his wife's deadly cooking. Clever, smart and suspenseful, Hitchcock is in great form. You will know who the murderer is early in the film and the fun is watching how he does (or doesn't) get his comeuppance. Frenzy is terrific and we will wrap an A around its neck with a very loud patterned 1970's necktie.....

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