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Based on a true story, loaded with powerful performances and intensely moving, FOXCATCHER is a very good film.

Steve Carell is almost unrecognizable under well done make-up as multimillionaire John duPont. Eccentric, socially awkward and amazingly wealthy, du Pont decides that he wants to support the USA Wrestling team as they prepare for the 1988 Olympic Games.

duPont approaches the most famous Olympic medalist wrestling brothers in history, Mark and David Schultz, to run his team and train them in a massive facility he has built on the duPont estate outside NYC.

Mark, the younger Schultz brother is reserved, not very bright, hard working but aimless as he lives in the shadow of his smarter older brother, David.

Mark Ruffalo is ALWAYS good in every movie and his usual fine acting is paired this time with an amazing physical transformation into the hefty frame of a wrestling coach.

The startling cast member of Foxcatcher for me is Channing Tatum as Mark. I am not a Tatum fan, but he is very, very good in this role. Trapped in a slow, massively muscular body, Tatum generates huge sympathy for Mark as he grows close to duPont, gaining confidence and happiness as the wealthy benefactor brings him very close.

Steve Carell is fantastic. After his serious turn in one of my fave films of last year, "The Way Way Back" I knew he had acting chops, but this is really a great performance.

duPont is a man born into incredible wealth and legacy, but seeking the same basic approvals of any man and failing miserably. Carell's scenes in which he tries to impress his mother (played by the terrific Vanessa Redgrave) are desparately sad.

As loyalties change, lifestyles corrupt and the depth of duPont's personality flaws emerge, the film takes unexpected turns.

To say it's slow would be to imply its boring. It's not. It's stately, its fascinating and tragic.

Director Bennett Miller hits another home run after "Moneyball" and gives his actors plenty of space to create a trio of terrific performances.

Tatum's acting is the biggest surprise for me since Tyler Perry in "Gone Girl". Who knew?

Much more than a wrestling movie, FOXCATCHER is a terrific film and a haunting true story of brothers, relationships, desires and fame.

It gets an A.

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