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For All Mankind

For those of us born in the sixties, the Apollo moon missions were a HUGE event, with every American glued to their TVs for every stage of the flight.

After viewing all six MILLION feet of film shot by Nasa during all the Apollo missions, documentarian Al Reinert assembled the best moments into an amazing 90 minute film, FOR ALL MANKIND.

Beginning with crystal clear news footage of JFK's 1962 speech saying that Americans would land on the moon in the decade ahead, the film captures the astronaut's prep, launch, flight to the moon, landing and return.

Looking back, it's AMAZING that this was accomplished with the computers and technology of the time.

The only voices that you hear in the entire film are the astronauts and Mission Control members themselves during the events and some narration of what they were feeling at the time.

Much of the film speaks for itself, with the restored footage accompanied by a quietly haunting music score by Brian Eno.

This really brings back great memories of my entire school in the auditorium huddled around TVs and waiting for the splashdown, those first steps on the moon and the courage of the men who made the journey.

It's a powerful piece of our history and captures a time when the entire world could be enraptured by our accomplishments.

For All Mankind is a terrific documentary and launches with an A.

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