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Will Smith and the beautiful Margot Robbie ooze plenty of cool & chemistry in FOCUS.

Smith is Nicky, a life long con man dabbling in every style of non-violent theft you can imagine and living a lush life of crime.

Robbie is Jess, new to the game, built for it and showing some serious natural talent for the art of the scam.

To reveal too much of the film's plot would be to spoil the fun of unwrapping it like some elaborate origami of crosses, double-crosses, plot twists, tested loyalties and probabilities.

It's best just to sit back and enjoy these talented actors. Smith and Robbie get excellent support from Rodrigo Santoro as the head of a race team willing to go the distance to win, Gerald McRaney as the race owner's old fashioned, tough enforcer, BD Wong as a VERY wealthy Asian gambler and the hilarious Adrian Martinez as Smith's computer expert Farhad.

The entire film is set in beautiful places, with beautiful people driving dream cars, wearing designer clothes and offering up a million things for Nicky and his team to steal.

The scenes showing you how they run scams in New Orleans will make you guard your wallet with your life!

Robbie builds on her powerful debut in "The Wolf of Wall Street" and might be the most beautiful woman in film (sorry Angelina.....).

A thriller with plenty of comedy, unending and unpredictaable twists, tight suspense and surprisingly powerful drama, FOCUS smoothly scams a B.

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