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Fantastic Voyage

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Is there a guy out there my age that grew up in the sixties, that doesn't have fond memories of FANTASTIC VOYAGE? Sure, most of those memories are of Raquel Welch in her white diving suit, being attacked my some squishy bacteria doo-hickeys that everyone then has to pry off her suit....but I get ahead of myself..haha. Fantastic Voyage is the story of a team of scientists and an agent miniaturized and placed inside the body of a genius with the key to the shrinking process, injured in an assassination attempt. Their mission is to travel through the bloodstream and diffuse an inoperable brain clot. They make there way there in a tiny sub called the Proteus and face a lot of cool obstacles as they travel through the body. A great concept, well executed with full scale special effects. This took two years to create on the biggest soundstages at 20th Century Fox and it holds up really well. Stephen Boyd, Raquel and Donald Pleasence are standouts in the cast. Director of Photography Ernest Laszlo (Logan's Run, It's a Mad, Mad World) is excellent here too. Watch the great angles he chooses to shoot from, all the way from the opening plane arrival to the last shot of the film. This is a classic 60's sci-fi hit that looks great today and still ranks as a fantastic voyage. An A+ that lands in my all time Top 100.

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