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Sylvester Stallone's follow up movie to his film debut in "Rocky", F*I*S*T is a well written, big budget drama that still entertains.

Stallone plays Johnny Kovak, a 1930's dock worker who watches his fellow fellow team members get unfairly punished while battling for fair wages against company owners.

Joining the teamsters, Kovak rises through the ranks due to his popularity among the men. While his motives are pure, he finds his methods becoming more and more tainted by violence and those around him.

When Kovak becomes President of the powerful Trucking Federation Union, he comes under the ruthless investigation of a Senator determined to prove Johnny's ties to the mob.

With Joe Ezterhaus (Basic Instinct) doing the writing and renowned over actor Rod Steiger playing Senator Madison and Stallone stretching himself dramatically, you can imagine there is nothing subtle about FIST.

That being said, the film has a great cast, an epic size storyline, an excellent music score by Bill Conti (following up his legendary Rocky score) and nice support from Peter Boyle, Melinda Dillon and Tony Lo Bianco.

It's nice to experience Stallone before he became the bigger than life action star of the eighties.

We'll give FIST a thumbs up and a solid B.

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