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Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Imagine John Wick with more muscles, a death wish and a very dark past and you've got Tyler Rake, the explosive hero of EXTRACTION.

Played by Chris Hemsworth of "Thor" fame, Rake is a man battled & beaten by personal loss. He's well past caring about much of anything when he and his team are hired to retrieve the kidnapped son of an Indian drug dealer.

The boy Ovi lives in a wealth of riches in Mumbai, but finds all that shattered when a rival drug lord kidnaps him and hides him deep in one of the most crowded and impenetrable cities on the planet.

From the start, the mission goes awry, leaving Rake to grab Ovi and head off on a wild attempt to escape from the city to their extraction team.

My earlier reference to "John Wick" in intentional. If you love the non-stop, over-the-top action, assaults and destruction of those films (and I do!) you'll love this one too.

First time director Sam Hargrave was the stunt coordinator for many of the Avengers films and stunt double for Chris Evans as Captain America.

Joe Russo, who directed "Infinity War" wrote this adaption of the graphic novel.

This bloody, violent machine never stops.

There is an 11 minute sequence during the extraction attempt that is one seamless, single camera shot. They rehearsed for weeks to get it right. It's a jaw dropper, with literally hundreds of crooked police and army forces trying to stop Rake and Ovi in their escape attempt.

Netflix continues to wow with their commitment to big budget, no expense spared action extravaganzas. This could have been released in theatres as a summer action film and looked perfectly at home on the big screen.

Hemsworth is believable throughout as a tortured soldier with no real desire to live after suffering deep personal loss.

Rudhraksh Jaiswal is very good as young Ovi, a young man who is more of a valuable package for the drug lords to play on a chess board than a son.

David Harbour (Stranger Things) is dangerous as Gaspar, a former mate of Rake's that he leans on during the escape.

EXTRACTION is a fast-paced, blood drenched action thriller that will keep you on edge from its opening kidnapping sequence to its ambiguous and pitch perfect final image.

It gets a B+.

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