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Enough Said

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

If you're in the mood for a well acted, intelligent romantic comedy with some dark accents of reality, check out ENOUGH SAID.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays divorced masseuse Eva, with a stable in-home business, a daughter about to head to college and a nice stable of friends. Early in the film, Eva attends a party with her best friend Sarah (Toni Collette, great as always) and just after making the declaration that there isn't a single man she finds attractive at the get together, meets divorced dad Albert with whom she shares a couple of nice laughs.

The late, terrific James Gandolfini leaves every trace of Tony Soprano behind in his role as Albert, an everyday guy looking for quiet happiness, challenged by his own daughter about to head to college, but happily single.

Eva also meets semi-famous poet Marianne (Catherine Keener) at the same party, who soon becomes a massage client and friend.

Eva soon finds herself in a delicate balance between friends, exes and family.

The film takes off from there in plenty of authentic, often funny, sometimes painful but always "real" emotions.

Dreyfus and Gandolfini are both really superb, moving away from their Sopranos and Seinfeld roles for which they are legendary in some perfectly acted, quiet and really enjoyable moments.

I hate predictable and both Eva and Albert rarely take the conventional route, making this film a real pleasure to watch.

The cast is very good and writer/director Nicole Holofcener is one to watch with this feature film debut after working in TV for years.

It's a pleasant, quiet little film with great actors playing believable characters and it gets an admiring A.

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