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Dressed to Kill

In 1980, Brian DePalma's DRESSED TO KILL hit the theatres. As a 19 year old, I remember loving this movie and thinking it was really gory and really adult. Well, after 32 more years, the gore has faded but, wow this is still pretty sexy! DePalma bludgeons us over the head with multiple dialogue-free sequences and long tracking shots, great use of multi-screen angles to show different characters view of the same happenings, you name the trick, he pulls it out of the bag in Dressed to Kill. Angie Dickenson has the Janet Leigh role, Michael Caine plays a psychiatrist with some issues and Nancy Allen is a hooker who is being followed by more than one mysterious blonde with a deadly weapon. Funny, suspenseful, sexy, profane and good for a couple genuine scares, Dressed to Kill is still in good, tongue-in-cheek style. B

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