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In 1987, Dan Aykroyd eerily channeled Jack Webb in a comedy screen adaption of the classic 1960's/1970's TV cop show.

Jack Webb was always ripe for parody with his straight laced, fast patter, monotone "Just the Facts, Ma'am" approach to law enforcement.

Aykroyd stars as Friday's nephew Sgt Joe Friday (the third?) revolted by the laid back, lax approach of his new partner Pep Streeback, played for plenty of laughs by a young and incredibly likable Tom Hanks.

Joe and Pep are soon drawn into a conspiracy that appears to reach the top levels of politics and the police force in the City of Angels. This puts them at odds with their boss, Captain Bill Gannon, with Harry Morgan reprising his role from the original series.

Christopher Plummer plays a smarmy TV preacher, Dabney Coleman is a porn king who bears a strong resemblance to Hugh Hefner and Alexandra Paul stars as the Virgin Connie Swail, a love interest for Joe who is caught in the conspiracy.

Hanks and Aykroyd are having a lot of fun playing off of each other throughout and Aykroyd is so spot on, so perfect in his impression and attitude that you can't help but laugh.

The screenplay wonders way off track, at least a third of the film falls flat on delivering laughs, but our dynamic partners deliver every time they're on screen.

Pep taking Friday to a strip club for a great cup of coffee is laugh-out-loud funny, as are Hanks steady string of young women at his apartment and Friday's reaction.

We'll shoot straight with Friday and give him a B- thanks to two great comic actors giving it their all.

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