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Dr. No

DR NO started it all on the big screen for 007 back in 1962. This was the smallest budget film in the James Bond series, but the producers make it look pretty rich! So much to like about this first Bond flick, starting of course with Sean Connery's debut. Connery nails it from the first scene to the last, with the perfect blend of toughness and humor that no one has been able to match in the role. Favorite moments: Connery's "Bond, James Bond" uttered the first time you see him on screen, Ursula Andress rising from the ocean in that legendary bikini, Wiseman's Dr. No who set the tone for every Bond villain to follow, Monty Norman/John Barry's James Bond theme, Bond battling the tarantula in his bed, beautiful Jamaica locales and Jack Lord (pre-Hawaii Five-O) as Felix Leiter. He was so cocky when they asked him back for "Goldfinger" that he demanded a HUGE pay raise and lost the role....and went on to become Steve McGarrett! DR NO is really enjoyable, nostalgic and a solid A- to kickoff my favorite Film Series!

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