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Dark Shadows

When I first heard that Tim Burton was having a go at "Dark Shadows", I thought it was going to be a dark take on the vampire soap opera we all used to sneak home to watch after school in the late sixties/early 70's. But this is the silly Tim Burton instead of the dark one and the film is one big hot mess. Johnny Depp is great and LOTS of fun as Barnabas Collins, back after 200 years to 1972 and meeting his extended Collins family for the first time. His attempts to adapt to the 70's are some of the film's best moments and Depp doesn't disappoint. Michelle Pfieffer and Johnny Lee Miller aren't given much to do and only Helena Bonham Carter as the family psychiatrist, Chloe Grace Moretz as young Carolyn & Jackie Earle Haley as caretaker Willie really standout in the large cast. My biggest problem is the tone of the movie, it's funny, then serious, then slapstick, then funny, it's a very confused hodgepodge of styles and emotions. Eva Green (so great in Casino Royale) is completely miscast as a centuries old lover of Barnabas determined to have him at all costs. It's obvious enormous dollars have been poured on this film, so it's sad that the most memorable moments are the 70's songs & settings and Depp's over the top portrayal. What a disappointment! This Bites. And not in a good, vampire way.......C-

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