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Cocoon: The Return

For the first 45 minutes of COCOON: THE RETURN, the 1988 sequel to Ron Howard's 1985 hit, I was really ready to walk away. It looked like a cheap, throwaway waste of a talented cast. Then damned if the amazingly talented Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy didn't draw me in. Even with so-so material like they are provided here, they are superb actors. Our senior citizens have returned to Earth after 5 years in the stars to pick up the visitors left behind at the end of Cocoon. Returning to Earth challenges them not only with starting to age again, but with the ties of their friends and family. Will they leave again? Will they all survive and live happily (forever) after? Some of the answers may surprise you. Courtney Cox stars in a very early role and Brian Dennehy returns for a closing cameo. A pale imitation of the original, but Tandy and Cronyn are excellent. C-

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