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Cloud Atlas

It's virtually impossible to describe Cloud Atlas easily or quickly. It's a fascinating, sprawling, complicated, challenging, funny, powerful film.

At 172 minutes, it's the never boring saga of souls that meet again, and again, and again. Tom Hanks plays six different roles over literally a thousand years, continually meeting Halle Berry in six different roles (including men and women). Hugo Weaving plays six evil characters and Jim Broadbent is a highlight playing six different, mostly comic roles. Toss in Hugh Grant playing everything from a horse-riding cannibal to a power company magnet in 1972, shake well and enjoy. I went in expecting Cloud Atlas to tell different stories with half hour glimpses into each world, but the Wachowski's (The Matrix) cut quickly, in the middle of scenes without any regard for continuity or consistency within the many times of the story. It sounds horrible, but I thought it was fascinating and it kept me really interested. They move so quickly between the times and stories that the suspense builds across all the stories at once to a fascinating last 45 minutes. Doona Bay was a real standout for me as Sonmi-351 and Ben Whishaw is fantastic as Robert Frobisher (along with 4 other characters). The make-up is excellent, the special effects are thrilling, the acting is excellent. Settle in for a 3 hour ride that is not for the lazy, but bears great rewards for those prepared to let it unfold. Cloud Atlas is superb. A

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