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Cactus Flower

1969's CACTUS FLOWER introduced the world to Goldie Hawn and won her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her debut! This is a pretty funny film and while some of the music and settings haven't aged well, the comedy is timeless and still generates some nice laughs. Walter Matthau plays NYC dentist Julian Winston, a confirmed bachelor who has told his girlfriend Toni Simmons (Hawn) that he is married, but getting a divorce. To not get caught in his lie, he asks his long devoted office assistant Stephanie (Ingrid Bergman in ALL her glory) to pose as his wife. As things tend to do, this one time meeting escalates completely out of control and the deception builds on itself, very hilariously. Matthau, Hawn and Bergman are all sharp comics here and get some great support from Jack Weston and Vito Scotti. By the time they all meet in the bar with their assorted partners, it reminded me of some classic moments in Tootsie, with Dustin Hoffman. This is a real time capsule of the late sixties (just dig those references to "flower power" on the poster!) and a great debut of the adorable Goldie, who went on to become one of the most intelligent, groundbreaking women in Hollywood. Here, she is just damn cute, damn funny and damn smart. Cactus Flower blooms with a B.

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