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Broadchurch Series 2

How do you follow up Season One of a brilliant murder mystery? Brilliantly if your are BROADCHURCH SEASON TWO.


With the stunning reveal of the murderer of young Danny at the end of Season One, we were left wondering where all those lives impacted would go from there.

Well, here are eight more terrific episodes to answer those questions.

The accused murderer shocks the town by pleading not guilty. The Latimer family thought they at least had resolve after their son's death. Now they and the town are forced to live through a trial that dredges up every nasty secret in their coastal town.

Olivia Colman and David Tennant are both back as Detectives Miller & Hardy, exceeding expectations as they are faced to confront a lot about themselves during the trial. Their relationship is one of the best written partnerships in TV history. Their banter is humorous, deep and tortured as the trust between them grows. They are forced to realize that they're in this investigation together, often alone, wherever it leads.

All of our favorite town characters are back from the first season, pulled struggling into the trial as it unwinds.

Charlotte Rampling (The Night Porter, 45 Years) is a fantastic new cast member as retired lawyer Jocelyn Knight, inspired to come back to work to help the Latimer family in their quest for justice for Danny.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag, Solo) is equally good as Defense Attorney Abby Thompson. Watching the impact of the trial on her character is shattering. Waller-Bridge is a talent with a fresh voice.

Matthew Gravelle is a standout as Joe Miller and Carolyn Pickles (Tess) damn near steals the story as a local Newspaper editor determined to report the news but respect the family. Her relationship with Prosecutor Jocelyn is the heart of the story, along with Hardy (Tennant) and Miller (Colman) struggling to find balance in their own families and the ripples from the case in their own homes. (More a wave than a ripple in Miller's case, eh?)

Entertainment doesn't get more powerful or involving than BROADCHURCH, building well on its freshman series, this second series earns a BINGE-WORTHY A.

Followed by one more full season with Hardy & Miller pursuing a brand new case three years later.

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