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Broadchurch Series 1

One of the best crime thriller series I've ever seen, BROADCHURCH SEASON 1 is a gut wrenching, suspenseful murder mystery that will keep you guessing.

The cast is flawless.

Olivia Colman (Oscar winning Actress for "The Favourite") stars as detective Ellie Miller. Just back from a vacation, Miller returns to her seaside UK town, faced with the body of a young boy on the beach. She knows the family and the news throws the town into a panic.

Detective Alec Hardy (David Tennant of "Doctor Who") is new to the village. Angry, rude and not connected to anyone in the town, he battles with Ellie on the right approach to the investigation. She knows all the citizens, he suspects everyone.

Jodie Whittaker (also Doctor Who!) is Beth Latimer, the mother of the slain boy, Andrew Buchan (All the Money in the World) is the boy's father. Their relationship and family life are torn apart by their son's death.

As the eight episodes unwind, you realize that the small town is full of suspects with the personal secrets and liaisons of the townsfolk overlapping again and again.

The reveal of the murderer is a true shocker and surprised the hell out of us. Great writing and acting propel you through a mandatory binge watch to find out whodunit.

With plenty to say about the media, marriage, family relationships and how we judge people by their cover, it's a clever tale.

Tennant and Colman are nothing short of perfect. These are two very flawed characters that you grow to really care for, each in their own very different way.


Followed by two more seasons, all available on Netflix.

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