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Blue Thunder

BLUE THUNDER is a classic action flick from 1983, with Roy Scheider and Malcolm McDowell battling over the skies of downtown LA in police helicopters.

Scheider stars as Frank Murphy, a great pilot with a bad attitude and the requisite eighties flashbacks to Vietnam.

Even though he's constantly in hot water with his boss, Captain Braddock (played in great style and humor by the terrific Warren Oates) he is chosen to test pilot the new police surviellance helicopter dubbed Blue Thunder.

He and his co-pilot, played by a young, very good Daniel Stern, soon find themselves in over their heads in a conspiracy involving the copter and its use in urban neighborhoods.

Director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever, WarGames) keeps things fast, action-packed and exciting throughout and baddie Malcolm McDowell is a lot of fun to hate in his role as Murphy's adversary with a lot riding on Blue Thunder.

Sit back, turn your brain off and have a good time with this early 80's hit. It thunders, peeks, shoots, listens and hovers its way to a solid B.

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