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Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

In the history of film sequels, they don't sink much lower than BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE.

Schlocky producer Irwin Allen had followed his big hits the original Poseidon and his one great film, The Towering Inferno with the stinker The Swarm.

Inexplicably, Michael Caine decided to follow up that cinematic mega-bomb with this horrible movie about a group of folks sailing up and claiming salvage on the overturned ship.

Caine is a tugboat captain, Karl Malden is is loyal old shipmate (think a waterlogged skipper and Gilligan) and Sally Field is aboard with them for reasons never explained. Anyone that "really, really likes Sally" should see this performance, its whiny, unfunny, and BEYOND annoying. Granted she is given nothing to work with, but she did take the must have been overdue...

Now toss in a second salvage team headed by Telly Savalas, who chooses to wear an all white ensemble to climb through a wreckage and a new group of survivors including Peter Boyle as a New Jersey dude that screams at everyone, Jack Warden as a blind guy, Slim Pickens as a rich Texan (cleverly named Tex) and Mark Harmon as a young passenger and you have this boring, suspense-free, cheap, dumb movie.

Couple questions....where are all the other rescue ships, navy, helicopters, news coverage? About 16 hours after a huge luxury liner capsizes, there's a tug boat and a yacht? hmmmm.

What nice things could I say about this box office disaster?

Nice poster!

The movie gets an eye rolling F.

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