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Audrey Rose

1977 "horror thriller" AUDREY ROSE fails to deliver on either count, wondering aimlessly through two hours that lack scares and any acting talent, save Anthony Hopkins.

Hopkins stars as Elliott Hoover, a quiet stranger who seems to always be lurking across the street from or nearby young Ivy Templeton.

Ivy's parents, Janice and Bill (in dueling horrible performances from Marsha Mason and John Beck) go from concerned to baffled as Ivy starts to have horrible nightmares related to a fiery car crash.

When Elliott tells them that his daughter died in a car crash and Ivy begins to answer to the name of his daughter, Audrey Rose, excitement ensues!

Oh wait, did I say excitement? I should have said boredom. And substantial embarrassment for Mason, who would break out the same year in "The Goodbye Girl" but shows none of those skills here in a manic, BIG performance. Of course she is brilliant compared to the young actress that plays Ivy/Audrey, Susan Swift. She would build off this major film with roles in "Harper Valley PTA" and "Simon and Simon", hmmmm, they must have all seen this wreck.

Hopkins rises above it all with a decent performance, easily the best thing in the film.

Director Robert Wise must have been sleeping during filming, the man is capable of so much more.

The ending is supposed to be tragic, I just found it a relief. Without a good fright in sight, Audrey Rose only scares up a D.

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