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Annabelle: Creation

The creators of The Conjuring series really have a good thing going at the movies, consistently turning out very good, truly scary flicks of the first order.

ANNABELLE CREATION is no exception.

12 years after the tragic loss of their daughter, Samuel and Esther Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia & Miranda Otto) decide to open up their large country home to a Catholic orphanage.

Unfortunately for the girls but luckily for us, a very nasty demon is excited for visitors (souls).

What all the films in this series do so well is create tension that builds and builds as we meet people we care about that are then plunged into horrifying scenarios.

The girls are well cast. Talitha Bateman is terrific as Janice and Lulu Wilson as Linda is especially good.

The minute you see the slow moving, wall mounted chair that moves up the long staircase, you just KNOW someone is going to have a horrifying ride in that thing. They do.

When two girls hide under a sheet with a flashlight telling scary stories, you know that something very uncomfortable is going to happen. It does.

Add in a very creepy scarecrow, a dumbwaiter from hell and a small room covered with pages from the Bible and you've got another winner in the Conjuring series that delivers real tension and fun scares.

Fans will also get glimpses of that truly horrifying Nun from Conjuring 2 that is apparently getting her OWN stand alone film. I'm already freaked out.

ANNABELLE CREATION is original, fun and scary as hell and a far superior prequel to the original Annabelle film in 2014. It elevates the first Annabelle film by teeing it up in a brilliant way that closes this film.

A perfect Halloween flick, CREATION gets a B+.

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