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All the President's Men

Revisiting 1976's great film ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN makes you long for the day when journalists actually chased a story and didn't serve as lapdogs for political parties (no matter what side of the fence you may be on politically!).

Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman are young, new reporters Woodward and Bernstein, who start to report on the Watergate break in and uncover a much bigger story that changed the face of politics in the seventies.

An all star cast portrays the real life players at the Washington Post and the White House, while real news footage shows Nixon and Agnew's actual reactions to their unraveling administration.

Jason Robards is GREAT as Post boss Ben Bradlee, while Jack Warden, Martin Balsam and Hal Holbrook provide strong performances.

While basically a movie about two reporters, the film plays like a suspense film as the two uncover deeper and deeper ramifications behind the facts that continue to pile up.

My only complaint is I would have liked the movie to have been longer and stuck with the story as the White House players began to fall like dominoes in the face of the breaking story.

A film classic, perfectly led by Redford and Hoffman as two undaunted, aggressive reports going where the story leads them, with the fortitude to stand behind the story.

Oh how we could use some of THAT reporting style in recent years!

Exciting, smart, a brilliant history lesson disguised as a thriller and deserving of an A.

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