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The night after seeing "Prometheus" we sat down, turned off all the lights and fired up the original 1979 Ridley Scott film, ALIEN. This is classic sci-fi at its best, with excellent production design, special effects, music and so many now-classic sequences, they become hard to count. Many of the scenes take on new meaning after seeing Prometheus. The only draw back is wondering why all the hardware, spacesuits and surroundings are SO low tech here, when it takes place years after the events in the slick, fantastic digital world of Prometheus. Of course the answer is that the movie making tools Ridley had to play with in 2012 dwarf what he had to create Alien in 1979. Incredible creature design by HR Giger. Make sure and check out the Director's Cut for some great new scenes and subtle effects by Scott. Love this movie! Alien gets an A-, just because its sequel ALIENS is an all time top 10 favorite and is superior to the original.

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