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Disney's current rush to bring all its animated to classics to theatres as live action films has yielded mixed results. Even the Mouse House can't get it right every time.

But they nail it with the hugely enjoyable ALADDIN. Having seen the original countless times when my daughter was 8 and it originally hit theatres, there are lots of family memories tied to the title.

They've captured them all perfectly and blown them up into live action CGI wonders that bring nostalgic smiles.

Will Smith (treading in Robin Williams legendary shoes as the Genie) brings a perfect pitch of tribute and updated spin to his role as our giant blue Genie, released by street urchin Aladdin, well played by newcomer Mena Massoud.

Naomi Scott is stunning as Princess Jasmine and Director Guy Ritchie, who bombs as often as he succeeds with me, finds an unlikely perfect fit with the fable.

Classic Songs like "A Friend Like Me" and "A Whole New World" are reinvented with a huge budget and state-of-the-art CGI. Ritchie brings his patented camera movements and sweeping vistas to life, zipping through crowded streets and palaces filled with exotic animals at a fast pace.

Marwan Kenzari (Murder On the Orient Express) is a menacing Jafar and Nasim Penrad (SNL) delivers big laughs as Jasmine's loyal handmaiden.

With over a Billion at the box office, audiences loved the film more than critics, but count me with audiences.

Will's great, the cast is flawless and the visuals drip every part of the movie's $183 million budget.

Adding in some touching new scenes that take a deeper dive on loyalty, power and family, Ritchie's created a new classic family film.

Guy Ritchie and a great family film?

What's next, Tarantino's take on Pinocchio?

I know, it shouldn't work, but it does, beautifully.

Aladdin gets a hugely enjoyable A.

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