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Airport 1975

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Do you remember all the disaster movies of the 1970's? AIRPORT 1975 was the sequel to the box office smash of 1970, "Airport". While it retained one actor, George Kennedy as Patroni and an "airliner in peril" storyline, this trashy sequel has none of the class of the original. The dialogue and acting is SO bad in this stinker that it's hard to believe. Kennedy redeems himself and Heston is OK, but you have to see Karen Black, Gloria Swanson, Sid Caesar and the rest yourself to capture how bad they are. WORST raspberries are for Helen Reddy as a singing nun and Linda Blair as a teenager needing a kidney transplant (and acting lessons). SO bad its hilarious. This only keeps from getting an F from me because of Yakima Cannutt (Ben Hur) and his stunt team, who pull off some amazing, real aerial stunts and midair photography. Airport was an A, this stinker is a D! Really cool poster though!

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