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Action Jackson

What were we collectively thinking in the 80's?

I can remember seeing ACTION JACKSON on DVD back in 1988 and thinking it was a passable action movie. whaaaaaaaaaat?

Carl Weathers stars as cop Action Jackson, hot on the trail of a crooked car manufacturing magnate who employs a stealth death squad of ninja assassins against his enemies.

Some thoughts....

* If you are going to employ a death squad of ninjas who want to be invisible, it;s probably advisable that a couple of them aren't over 6 feet tall and that one sports an incredibly huge blonde mullet.

* In casting an evil car manufacturing magnate as your villain, Craig T. Nelson from "Coach" is probably not your most astute choice

* During 80's fever, I know you want to cast a good looking, sexy, popular singer. So you choose Vanity. #1, the songs are awful #2 to say she can't act would be to overpraise her wooden line readings #3 did I mention she can't act?

* Detroit looks more like Beirut than an American city, it is apparently populated only by pimps, crooks, hookers, pickpockets, drunks, pushers, and of course Ninjas.

* When your concluding action scene includes driving a car up two flights of stairs and electrocuting a bad guy with a string of Christmas lights, you might have run out of ideas.

* The dialogue was apparently written by a dozen teenage boys with a dictionary of cliches open, their creativity stifled and their final work doused with profanity.

At least a young Sharon Stone has the good sense to die early in the movie.

ACTION JACKSON belongs deep in the ground with 80's hairstyles, most of the music and the clothes....its a rad, bad F.

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