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A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

In 1982, Woody Allen released his most ill-titled film. With only a couple mild laughs and no sex, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S SEX COMEDY is a lightweight mess.

Woody is Andrew, a wacky 1900's inventor in a decidedly unromantic marriage to Adrian (Mary Steenburgen). They invite two couples to their house in the country for a long weekend.

Lethario doctor Maxwell (Tony Roberts) brings a young, uninhibited nurse Dulcy (Julie Haggerty from Airplane).

Pompous Professor Leopold (Jose Ferrer) brings his much younger fiance Ariel (Mia Farrow in her Allen film debut).

Maxwell only has eyes for Ariel.

Andrew is hiding the fact that Ariel's been at his country home before.

Dulcy finds herself attracted to Leopold.

Unfortunately, there's just not much going on here beyond the secret lusting. Woody's usual clever wit and verbal interplay has been replaced by leisurely interludes in the woods.

When it doesn't feel forced, it just kind of sits there waiting for some kind of emotion.

It's beautifully shot by the legendary Gordon Willis (The Godfather, Manhattan). Several Allen biographies have noted that the cast spent most of their days sitting around waiting for the perfect light of day to shoot. They were bored and lethargic.

That's exactly how I felt watching it trying to get through it.

The ending feels wholly imported from another, more mystical, happier film. I think I would have rather watched that one.

As a huge Woody fan, it's one of my least favorite Allen films and gets a D.

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